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Kid Quest at ACU | 2014

The last full week of June, my friend (Christina) and I took our four boys to Abilene so our big boys could attend ACU's Kid Quest day camp. This was their first year to attend, so we were all new at everything. 

First...sleeping arrangements and where we stayed. We stayed at a hotel very close to campus that allowed us to book a 2-room suite. There were two separate rooms with this common room in between. There was a sofa bed as well as a full kitchen, which came in really handy since we were staying with our 4 boys for a whole week. And on top of that, breakfast was included with our stay and was served downstairs every less meal to worry about. That was perfect. (The boys especially loved the Texas-shaped waffles). 

 photo DX0A8224_zps837cbd00.jpg

From this angle, you can see the two bedrooms (with attached bathrooms). We also had a large balcony with outdoor table (not pictured). This was really perfect for our situation and gave us plenty of room. 

 photo DX0A8226_zps572ce93a.jpg

The first morning of camp there was a huge downpour just as we were arriving on campus. We had umbrellas but still got soaked. It was just that kind of rain...which is great for Abilene. But, here are the two eager campers right before they checked in. They really were excited, and even though they ended up in different small groups, they had no problems going right on in that first day. 

 photo DX0A8246_zps451ee469.jpg

Since the big boys were going to be at camp from 8-4 every day, Christina and I knew we would have to do some things with the little boys to pass the time. On Monday morning, we went to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. 

 photo DX0A8264_zps213ba104.jpg

They inhaled that popcorn, and Logan only needed to go to the bathroom once during the movie. They stayed pretty engaged in the show, but toward the end started getting a little antsy. But, we were nearly the only ones in there so it was not a big deal. 

 photo DX0A8272_zps02e23b94.jpg

Later that afternoon...still with grey skies...we walked around campus a little bit. 

 photo DX0A8302_zpsead5860c.jpg

The boys brought some stuffed animals along for the adventure. 

 photo DX0A8310_zps76138dd9.jpg

We walked from the Welcome Center over to the Jacob's Dream sculpture on the trail.

 photo DX0A8318_zps02a0b0e6.jpg

 photo DX0A8319_zps87571f8c.jpg

Just before picking up the big boys, we ducked inside the Bible building to have a look at the huge globe and the well  my grandfather's old office and conference room. 

 photo DX0A8332_zpsbeb38979.jpg

The next morning, after dropping off Ethan and Ashton at camp, we headed over to the park by the zoo. We were waiting for it to open. The little boys didn't mind...they loved the tire swing. 

 photo DX0A8407_zps12752fbd.jpg

We were some of the first ones to enter the zoo that day. 

 photo DX0A8533_zps71f4d076.jpg

They got surprisingly close to that peacock before it started walking away. 

 photo DX0A8545_zpsae77b44f.jpg

 photo DX0A8568_zpsa11b9f2f.jpg

We took a little train ride through the zoo, which was a big hit with both Logan and Brennan. 

 photo DX0A8682_zpsf558c042.jpg

But the highlight for them may just have been feeding the giraffes. They thought their long, black tongues were so funny. 

 photo DX0A8700_zps7dacdddb.jpg

After camp that day, we took all the boys back to the park to get some energy out before dinner. 

 photo DX0A8712_zps5afe6348.jpg

The day before, the big boys had come back from camp completely exhausted. They were just worn out by the new schedule. By day two, they were still tired, but had plenty of energy for the play ground. 

 photo DX0A8753_zps9b084216.jpg

On Wednesday morning after drop off, we took another walk around campus...this time the opposite side by the old administration building. It was really a beautiful morning. 

 photo DX0A8772_zps894a770b.jpg

The little boys ran and ran around all over the place. There was hardly anyone on campus so they were pretty free to run wild. 

 photo DX0A8781_zps969e30c9.jpg

We ended our walk over at the campus center and then headed back to our car. 

 photo DX0A8817_zps0c08f44f.jpg

After the temperatures warmed up a bit (it's crazy that they were so pleasant in Abilene at the end of June, but they were), we changed into swim suits and headed over to the splash park. 

 photo DX0A8855_zps0c815b31.jpg

Splash park photos may be some of my favorite photos ever...doesn't matter which park, I just love the pure joy on kids faces when they are playing with water. So, I had a hard time just trimming down the ones to share here. 

 photo DX0A8878_zps417511fd.jpg

Obviously the boys had a blast. 

 photo DX0A8919_zpse74186fc.jpg

It ended up being so warm that day that we brought the big boys back over to the splash park that afternoon after we picked them up. Even Christina and I got wet because it was so hot. 

 photo DX0A9005_zps75f5d7a1.jpg

 photo DX0A9021_zpsef3b3f26.jpg

Ashton and Ethan getting soaked under the big bucket dump...

 photo DX0A9049_zps97f928f6.jpg

 photo DX0A9103_zps3d07e884.jpg

They played at the splash park until they were starving for dinner.

 photo DX0A9105_zps50c904a5.jpg

On Thursday morning, Christina was kind enough to take a photo of me and my boys on campus. 

 photo DX0A9144_zps79d9ebbc.jpg

All four boys ran around and played tag while we waited for drop off time. It's great that they all get along so well since we spent the entire week together. 

 photo DX0A9155_zpsbc0871f7.jpg

After that we took the little boys to a couple of parks while we waited for the Grace Museum to open. We spent some time in the park right across the street from the museum. The boys got to watch a train go by on the elevated track that runs parallel to the park, and they loved seeing all the storybook character statues. 

 photo DX0A9175_zps29380102.jpg

But the sculpture they played on the most was this metal canoe. They climbed up and down and all around it for what seemed like forever. Casey and I actually have some (very silly) photos of us on this same sculpture from when we were in 2002 (we were both 21 at the time). 

 photo DX0A9177_zps2a557ccc.jpg

 photo DX0A9192_zps8d2331bd.jpg

When The Grace opened, we went straight up to story time in the children's part of the museum. It was a cute story about Calliope, a rhinoceros.

 photo DX0A9208_zps815e6048.jpg

After the story, the kids were able to use modeling clay to make their own Calliope figure. The boys really loved this part...more than I thought they would. Logan played with his Calliope for the entire week. 

 photo DX0A9220_zps9d582d88.jpg

After completing the craft, we spent a good bit of time exploring the children's museum. Here, the boys are looking at the "tornado." 

 photo DX0A9247_zps893ec090.jpg

They had the best time up here and we practically had to drag them away to go get lunch. 

 photo DX0A9254_zps28bdad22.jpg

Almost every day we spent a few hours back at the hotel letting the little boys - and us - rest. They didn't sleep, but we all had some down time. After rest time, we went to the WACU museum near campus. Neither Christina nor I had been inside before so we wanted to take a look. They were having a bake sale fund raiser that day so there were several WACU ladies there. They were really sweet to let us look around on our own, but were a wealth of information too. 

 photo DX0A9260_zps84366fe3.jpg

There were so many fun ACU "artifacts" inside the old house. It really was fun to look around and see what we might a binder with a ton of vintage Sing Song programs. We only spent about 15-20 minutes inside, but that was good since we had 2 little boys with us!

 photo DX0A9261_zpse6c30a5b.jpg

That evening we thought we'd get ice cream as a fun treat for the boys at Dairy Queen after we swam at the hotel pool. Judging by these photos, you'd think that Ethan and Logan enjoyed their treats...but they didn't. They still don't like ice cream. But, I got some too, and I most certainly DID enjoy it! (We were able to use our balcony and outdoor table for the ice cream, which was great!)

 photo DX0A9270_zps43840bc2.jpg

On the final morning of camp, the boys insisted on walking in all holding hands. 

 photo DX0A9273_zpsf4058f84.jpg

The two happy campers were sporting their official camp shirts that day too. The story behind the huge size is that we thought we ordered a child small when they actually ordered adult smalls for us. I have no idea why they thought we'd want an adult size for the boys, but whatever. The boys really didn't care. And because there's not a lot of photos of them...and none of them AT camp...I'll just say that they totally and completely loved it. They had the best time. 

 photo DX0A9276_zpsbed88674.jpg

By the last couple of days, the boys were checking themselves in each morning. 

 photo DX0A9285_zps35326fba.jpg

Then, they were escorted into the room and announced for the whole room to hear..."Kid Quest, Ethan and Ashton are here!" They loved that. 

 photo DX0A9288_zpsedb95ebf.jpg

The little boys rang the bell on the way back to the car that morning. I don't really remember what we did that day. We had to check out of our hotel room mid-morning since we were heading back to Dallas after we picked up the boys that afternoon. There was a video that we were all invited to watch, and the kids showed us some of their camp songs and dances. Such a fun week for all of us. It's likely that we will do this again next year!

 photo DX0A9291_zps1f727143.jpg

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