Friday, July 11, 2014

Sprinkler Fun

Some typical summer fun in the water sprinkler.

 photo DX0A9332_zps8e34423a.jpg

 photo DX0A9352_zpse37d3841.jpg

 photo DX0A9362_zps477b505b.jpg

The boys begged me to do a "water slide" for them after we turned off the sprinkler. Logan quickly tired of it since he kept landing on his back side. 

 photo DX0A9435_zps4837b27a.jpg

But Ethan couldn't get enough of it...

 photo DX0A9471_zps77f7ef69.jpg

And of course, we couldn't keep Duke dry during all the fun. 

 photo DX0A9487_zpsc2ba2cd2.jpg

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