Saturday, July 26, 2014

St. Thomas 2014: Day 6

Our very last day of vacation came way too quickly. We decided to savor the villa and the art of doing nothing and stayed put all day (except for dinner).

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Aside from swimming and floating in the pool, we lounged around on the porches and did some reading too. It was such a treat for me to read whenever I wanted and for as long as I wanted. I think I finished 3 books during the week and started a fourth on the way home. 

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After an exhausting day of relaxing, only one thing could get us out of our bathing suits and out of the villa...and that would be another dinner at Thirteen. Friends, we had two appetizers that night to start off our meal...because we just could not decide. This first one is a bowl of house made garlic herb knot rolls with smoked sea salt, parmesan, and gorgonzola dip. That dip...oh, my. 

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Then we had these amazing pork tacos. That bread was wonderful and the slaw along with the pork was just perfect. This was the special appetizer that night. 

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Casey and I both decided to try one of their pasta dishes that night. He had the seafood rigatoni and I ordered the pasta special, which had shrimp, mushrooms, pine nuts and a creamy garlic sauce (not pictured). They were both very tasty.

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Because we had already tried the star dessert earlier in the week (the bacon brownie), we decided to try another one that sounded really interesting...the glazed donut bread pudding with jelly sauce and ice cream. I am not normally a bread pudding fan, but this was so, so good. Especially if you love donuts (and I do). 

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That dinner was a lovely end note to our perfect week in St. Thomas. We flew out the next morning. I joke about this, but I'm seriously only half-joking...if we didn't have the kids to go home to, it would have been impossible to leave. This was a great vacation...the perfect blend of activity and relaxation. I can't believe I was able to choose what I wanted to do with my time for an entire week...what a luxury. And in quite an amazing setting. A huge thanks to all four of our parents for making this week possible for us. 

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