Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Night Baseball Game

Remember in The Sandlot movie when the boys all race to the field on the evening of the 4th of July because the light from the fireworks allows them to play at night? (I love that movie.) Anyway, Ethan had one fairly late baseball game (by little boy standards) this season and they were all loving playing "in the dark."

Here he is warming up with daddy. Look at the sky in the background...the tail end of a beautiful sunset. 

 photo DX0A3307_zps92d894ef.jpg

Getting ready to bat...

 photo DX0A3338_zpsa6928f64.jpg

 photo DX0A3341_zps4e2b5e1e.jpg

And he got a hit!

 photo DX0A3347_zps1c31af26.jpg

This little monkey doesn't really have a hard time occupying himself during games. But he hardly watches the actual game. 

 photo DX0A3392_zps65a9ebf8.jpg

Receiving some coaching from the first base coach. 

 photo DX0A3414_zpsf011db9c.jpg

And he makes it home!

 photo DX0A3429_zps230096ed.jpg

 photo DX0A3438_zpsb205a29a.jpg

High fives for the other team, then snacks (which I wish we could do without) and then home for the night. 

 photo DX0A3442_zps963341a2.jpg

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