Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

Last year on the night of Trunk or Treat we were signing the paperwork to buy our new house from the builder, and my parents took the boys to the event for us. This year, we were all able to go again. It was another warm evening (it usually is in late October here). But it was windy too!

 photo DX0A3056_zps347654a8.jpg

This cowboy magic trunk was a favorite of the boys. So fun!

 photo DX0A3046_zps82099bc0.jpg

People really went all out with trunk activities this year. The Frozen trunks were awesome too! Here the boys are throwing Elsa's ice crystals into the hole shapes. 

 photo DX0A3047_zps7a5d38df.jpg

And throwing snowballs at Olaf! (Frozen costumes were everywhere this year! The boys almost went as Olaf and Kristoff, but stayed with pilots.) 

 photo DX0A3050_zps2a42e383.jpg

We finally made our way around to Mimi and Pop's festive trunk. They love her chocolate candy eye balls!

 photo DX0A3060_zps3b9d0cb9.jpg

 photo DX0A3061_zpsb8f27b25.jpg

I died laughing when Logan asked his friend, "Brennan, is that you?" Ha! He was well disguised as a ninja, apparently! This was the moment he recognized him.

 photo DX0A3063_zpsb44a0f14.jpg

I had a hard time keeping my hat on because of all the wind. 

 photo DX0A3070_zps131388e3.jpg

The boys did their best during the dance competition, but they are still timid enough that they didn't win. 

 photo DX0A3084_zpsdeee4c4a.jpg

But then we found our friends after that and the timidity was completely gone. It is great to have friends with whom you can just be yourself!

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