Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ethan's First Grade Christmas Program

Ethan's first grade class at school put together a Christmas musical called The Christmas County Spelling Bee. It was all about spelling Christmas words. Ethan was in the chorus and the front row. It was such a cute little program and the kids all did a great job. I love watching Ethan perform...he is always so conscientious about the hand movements and songs. He really enjoys it.

 photo DX0A5977_zpsd3291b87.jpg

 photo DX0A5981_zps3efe8a7f.jpg

 photo DX0A5984_zps28dc2ae3.jpg

 photo DX0A5986_zps83d7a733.jpg

 photo DX0A5993_zps7134c378.jpg

 photo DX0A5997_zps0f133897.jpg

 photo DX0A6001_zps4fc99bf4.jpg

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