Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gingerbread Houses | 2014

This year, all three of us made Gingerbread houses. But I made mine by myself after the boys were in bed one night. A few days later, we got out all the fun candy for them to each decorate their houses. I love this tradition.

 photo DX0A5929_zps4110f9c7.jpg

There is some serious planning and concentration when decorating...

 photo DX0A5930_zps2d952e29.jpg

 photo DX0A5931_zps124cb023.jpg

This year, even more than years past, I just let them do their own thing. It was really interesting and fun to see what they decided to do. 

 photo DX0A5933_zpse49e0829.jpg

The only issue with this "free reign" was that they kept wanting to put really big pieces of candy on the vertical sides of the house where they wouldn't stay. I think they finally figured it out, but not before some frustration ensued. 

 photo DX0A5934_zpsaed2525f.jpg

 photo DX0A5940_zpsd9ddf6bd.jpg

I didn't catch a photo of it, but there was plenty of candy-eating during this decorating. 

 photo DX0A5943_zps469eba8f.jpg

 photo DX0A5947_zpsd4b1fddd.jpg

They were so proud of their finished products. And they really loved having them out on the bar counter all during the Christmas season. So did I. 

 photo DX0A5949_zps89287f8e.jpg

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