Monday, December 01, 2014

Fair Thanksgiving | 2014

This year we had our Thanksgiving with the Fairs at the lake house again. We drove over there Friday evening after leaving Waxahachie. As excited as the boys were to be there, it was past their bedtime and they fell asleep immediately after getting in bed after the full day we'd had.

The next day, Saturday, was when we had our Thanksgiving meal. The day was beautiful and pretty the 70s. Still windy. The fall colors are on display this time of the end of November. Oh, Texas. 

 photo DX0A5327_zpsc2036945.jpg

But thanks to the beautiful day, the boys were able to play outside while all of the serious cooking was going on inside. I had stayed up the night before until about 11pm making two pies...a pumpkin tart and a chocolate fudge pie. 

Pop played catch with Ethan for a while. He (Ethan) is getting much better at throwing straight and catching the ball. 

 photo DX0A5337_zps8d2781a2.jpg

It was such a successful practice for him and he was so excited every time he caught the ball. 

 photo DX0A5343_zps3a554b72.jpg

The boys played inside a little too. They always love playing with the toys at the lake house. 

 photo DX0A5350_zps1ee68123.jpg

 photo DX0A5354_zps0a683333.jpg

We had a beautiful and (almost) full table. 

 photo DX0A5355_zpsef31b0d9.jpg

I love my mom's holiday plates and the copper-colored chargers. 

 photo DX0A5334_zps6c951cdc.jpg

The boys look ready for the meal...despite the fact that they do not appreciate all the sides like we do. 

 photo DX0A5357_zps145eda09.jpg

Speaking of sides, I really think this is one of our best Thanksgiving meals in several years. Or at least in recent memory for me. We had a smoked turkey like we've been doing the last few years. With gravy and dressing, of course. Then, we had creamed corn, roasted green beans, corn bread, and perhaps the star of the show (in my opinon), mashed potatoes with gouda and crispy pancetta. 

 photo DX0A5361_zps6ee6c269.jpg

After the meal we all went our own ways to spend the afternoon how we'd like. I had just settled down on the couch to read when a certain little boy came and cuddled with me. I was surprised to find, not five minutes later, that he was asleep. This never happens. But I guess all the celebrating plus going to bed late and waking up early is a perfect recipe for a spontaneous nap. I loved having him sleep on me...something neither of the boys has done in a long time. He slept for probably 30-45 minutes before reluctantly waking up. 

 photo DX0A5362_zps2646ed2e.jpg

Other afternoon activities included a game of spades. This game wrapped up before we got leftovers out and then picked up again when Casey and I took the place of a couple of players. This was the first time since the boys were born (I think) that I've had time to play cards at a family gathering. We used to do it all the time. And it was really fun to do it again. I was afraid I wouldn't remember how to play after so long, but it all came back to me. 

 photo DX0A5367_zpsedcbe9c1.jpg

We went to bed after the last game ended. Then, we left for home the next day about mid-morning. We'd had a whirlwind few days with family with a lot of great food thrown in there. 

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