Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Originally we had planned to go to the lake house over spring break this year. Then I realized that I wanted to do a few things with the boys in town that we don't get to do as often now that they are both in school the Arboretum, the zoo, hiking Arbor Hills, etc. So, Mimi took them to the lake house for the first weekend of spring break and then brought them back into town. And then it rained. And rained. And rained. For the whole stinking week. So, there went all my awesome outdoor plans for the week. Blah.

So, we made a plan B. And started at the library on Monday morning right after dentist appointments for both boys. 

 photo DX0A0542_zpst3eyjexm.jpg

There was a lot of browsing...

 photo DX0A0546_zpszyhsmsra.jpg

...and indecision. And then Ethan wanted to go to the computers to look up dog books. So we did. 

 photo DX0A0548_zps65vlu8jk.jpg

Some more browsing...

 photo DX0A0551_zpsy7jcmdgz.jpg

 photo DX0A0559_zpss49fyh2m.jpg

We left with 10 books. A respectable amount for the week, although we could have gotten more. 

 photo DX0A0568_zpsb1wkvn3q.jpg

That afternoon/evening, the boys picked another Disney movie off our watch list (in preparation for our Disney Trip) to watch. They picked Monsters University. 

 photo DX0A0570_zpsgkqafstf.jpg

 photo DX0A0571_zpsxx3jfjnb.jpg

Tuesday was project day since some shelves I had ordered for the garage arrived the night before. I had started the garage project just before spring break and the shelves were the last piece to finish it off. The boys really wanted to help, so I put them to work. 

 photo DX0A0593_zpsj9tjhidp.jpg

I underestimated how much help they would be. In fact, because of the way the shelves went together, they were crucial to getting it done! Six hands were definitely better than two, in this case. 

 photo DX0A0600_zpshzw3ws1h.jpg

Sometime during our assembly, the rain came down...hard. Ethan does not like thunderstorms and asked if we could close the garage. Honestly, it was a good idea because it was lightning and the rain was coming in sideways into the garage. 

 photo DX0A0602_zpsc0sdwiro.jpg

As I was putting the final touches on the shelves and getting them filled in and organized, the boys found the pool noodles. What else could they do with them but pretend they were swords? 

 photo DX0A0603_zps6o5drvk8.jpg

 photo DX0A0605_zpslyrxe98f.jpg

Then they found the bubbles too...and I sent them onto the back porch for those. It was still raining, but just fine on the porch. 

 photo DX0A0627_zps5xjtgtfu.jpg

 photo DX0A0644_zpsogoayzih.jpg

They had forgotten how cool the bubble guns were. This activity lasted a long time!

 photo DX0A0679_zpsiffnst6h.jpg

On Wednesday Casey was able to take the day off. I was planning to take the boys to the mall on Friday to redeem their Build-A-Bear gift cards and have lunch with Casey, but Wednesday worked better for him. The boys each chose Dachunds to make at Build-A-Bear and then we went to eat lunch in the food court. 

 photo DX0A0713_zpsn6nynj82.jpg

After lunch we carried our new friends in their carriers up to the movie theater where we saw Zootopia. It was a fun indoor outing for the middle of our week...especially since daddy was with us!

 photo DX0A0717_zpskzbetfnb.jpg

On Thursday the boys went to a day camp at DBat baseball batting cages. They worked on batting, of course, and also fielding a little bit. They were there from 9am - 2pm. Their best friends, Ashton and Brennan also went and were in their groups that day. They had a blast and I think even learned some things!

 photo DX0A0780_zpsyk2018ix.jpg

On Friday, I did something I've been meaning to do for ages. I got out my wireless shutter release remote that I'd gotten years before (yes, really) and read the instructions on how to use it. For some reason I thought it would be a little more complicated to set up than it actually was. It was about a 3 second set up. I can't believe I hadn't looked into it before. 

Anyway, I set up my camera on the tripod in our bedroom and had the kids get on the bed. Then, we fired away. Ethan went first with this pose...

 photo DX0A0785_zpsh4js91nb.jpg

Then all three of us got up there for a few. 

 photo DX0A0788_zpsumpiuab6.jpg

 photo DX0A0789_zpslyzn3ylf.jpg

Logan didn't bother to hide the remote in this next photo, but I love it anyway! They had the best time firing that thing. Who knew? We'll definitely have to try it again some more in the future. 

 photo DX0A0795_zpsth8rogm2.jpg

Logan got a turn by himself. I wonder where he stuck the remote? Haha!

 photo DX0A0801_zpsngs0i9zn.jpg

And they even took some of the both of them without much prompting. It was still rainy, so we stayed in our PJs all day and relaxed around the house. 

 photo DX0A0821_zpsoejgorwe.jpg

All in all, the week ended up being a great combination of activity and rest despite the fact that it was rainy and gray the whole time. Unfortunately, the Sunday right before school started again (yesterday), was the daylight savings time change. So, we lost an hour of sleep the day before we had to come back from spring break. Not cool. It was actually kind of brutal this morning. We will survive, but we lost all the rest we had accumulated over spring break. Whose idea was this?

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