Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat! | Halloween 2016

We were able to trick or treat with friends again this year, which was so much fun...for the boys and for the adults. One big improvement this year, though...the boys did not RUN the whole time. They actually walked from house to house.

How cute are these four?

 photo DX0A8482_zpstvn2md8d.jpg

We got them to take a few photos before we got started by telling them we wouldn't go trick or treating until we got our photos! Ha! We are mean moms!

 photo DX0A8509_zpsn2xuzkmq.jpg

 photo DX0A8554_zps2bwilbct.jpg

Christina and I were both witches...although I like her costume a lot more. I just wore all black and my witch hat (which kept blowing off ALL night). 

 photo DX0A8571_zpsewqvciyi.jpg

 photo DX0A8577_zpsb2px6lfr.jpg

This year we didn't have to do any reminding about what they were supposed to say after the door was answered...or after they received their treat. They all knew the drill. 

 photo DX0A8625a_zpsupppldn7.jpg

It was fun when the boys would talk to the other neighborhood kids about their costumes or which houses were answering their doors.

 photo DX0A8655_zps8f2ifpy9.jpg

 photo DX0A8665_zpsvn7gsuzx.jpg

One of the houses was giving out glow necklaces instead of candy and those were a big hit! Right after this photo we went back to our house and the boys dug into their candy. We handed out some candy to the few kids who were still out and about. And then we all called it a night and the adults started the really fun task of getting excited and sugar-filled kids into bed. Because this is a school night. (Boo.) 

 photo DX0A8699_zps4qegxxyf.jpg

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