Saturday, November 19, 2016

Twinkle Lights and Christmas PJs

This is the time of year that the Christmas PJs come out. Yes, I know it's before Thanksgiving. But I have a Christmas PJ addiction and I need time to enjoy them all before the holidays are over. And I take these twinkle photos every year. They didn't always include PJs specifically, but it's morphed into that over the years.

This year my original idea was to do snowman soon as I saw these at Hannah Andersson. Then I thought to add the top hat just for fun. I thought the boys would like it...and they did.

 photo DX0A0110_zpsarydotde.jpg

Cutest little snowmen around...

 photo DX0A0124_zpsr0atgtxg.jpg

 photo DX0A0165_zpsrdtsej7l.jpg

 photo DX0A0186_zpsnqkclyrw.jpg

And then when I was done with those photos, it occurred to me that I really wanted to carry on the tradition of the Santa hats in these photos...which I've done since the very first time. And I knew exactly what PJs to pair with the Santa was no contest. 

 photo DX0A0250_zpsxkqbg4cm.jpg

These Disney Christmas PJs (from Hannah Andersson) may be my most favorite Christmas PJs ever. EVER. In fact, I am really sad that I didn't get the adult version for Casey and myself before they were sold out for the season. Yep, already sold out. 

 photo DX0A0267_zpsuhl3tjs8.jpg

But the fact that the boys will get to wear them this year and probably next year too is enough to make me smile like Logan. 

 photo DX0A0983_zpsan6uy2kb.jpg

Or this kid...who has two front teeth now. Unlike last Christmas when he was missing both!

 photo DX0A0993_zpsq2z6j5ps.jpg

I make Christmas ornaments of these photos each year and also hang them on the pantry door. I love looking back at earlier years. (PS - for the past two years, I haven't actually used real twinkle lights...just a PS overlay. SO much easier.) 

 photo DX0A1011_zpsyc3gd0bf.jpg

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