Thursday, December 01, 2016

Gingerbread Houses 2016

December 1st means the beginning of our "Countdown to Christmas" when the boys get to do a Christmas activity every day until Christmas Day. This is one of their/our favorite traditions and we've done it for years now. Now that I've perfected scheduling the activities (they are mostly really low-key and easy), I always schedule the gingerbread house-making for December 1st so we can enjoy their creations for the whole Christmas season.

It's a good thing the boys love doing this as much as I do. Because I really love it. It might be my favorite activity of the whole month. 

 photo DX0A1208_zpsqcc4jfpa.jpg

Yes, I make them wear their Christmas PJs when we do this. Actually, I don't have to make them. They love PJs and are excited about their Christmas ones. 

 photo DX0A1214_zps0qgixxa0.jpg

Before we started anything, I told them not to use the big pieces on the roof because they are sometimes too heavy and will slide off. Logan James decided to ignore that advice. But his roof sure is colorful. 

 photo DX0A1232_zps7eylu5ms.jpg

Ethan too, it seems...

 photo DX0A1233_zpshwrdamzg.jpg

 photo DX0A1235_zpsl39ybaub.jpg

 photo DX0A1240_zps6mct5evx.jpg

I love how they concentrated on what they were doing...they were very serious about each candy placement! They had a master plan...especially Ethan. 

 photo DX0A1249_zpshdp0lffc.jpg

We had a ton of fun too...

 photo DX0A1260_zps1a78snpa.jpg

Usually Mimi (and sometimes even Pop) are available to come watch the boys make their gingerbread houses, but this year they could not. So, I set up my tripod and used my remote to make sure I was in a few shots. 

 photo DX0A1271_zpsskjci2ii.jpg

See the red on Logan's mouth? This year that kid could not keep himself from sampling the icing. Ethan did it too, but every time I turned around Logan had a finger in his mouth and a grin on his face!

 photo DX0A1286_zpsefxvu1is.jpg

 photo DX0A1291_zpscgn9bx9e.jpg

I helped with a lot (if not all) of the icing. It's still hard for them to squeeze it out of those bags. 

 photo DX0A1281_zpsgi0zi7yn.jpg

 photo DX0A1315_zpszaj5nvwj.jpg

 photo DX0A1274_zpsgczpktrv.jpg

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