Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Sprinkle of Summer

For some reason, our crazy sprinkler water hose attachment is like a gateway summer activity at our house. It seems to be the first thing we pull out when warm weather looks like it's here to stay. It must be because it can be enjoyed without having to inflate anything, go anywhere, or submerge ourselves in what is still rather cold water at the pool. 

 photo IMG_2640_zpsd65b55cd.jpg

Ethan always dives right in and gets soaked. No hesitation.

 photo IMG_2708_zps0d8e2ba1.jpg

Logan skirted the sprays of the sprinkler for as long as possible. I'm not sure what he's saying to me in the photo below, but it looks serious. There's finger-pointing going on.

 photo IMG_2716_zpsa970200b.jpg

After a while, Ethan figured out that he could fill up a bucket and dump the water on himself, the slide, or whatever else he found suitable.

 photo IMG_2776_zps1b753bea.jpg

It never takes very long for Logan to follow and copy whatever it is that Ethan is doing.

 photo IMG_2782_zps41bc434e.jpg

 photo IMG_2784_zps44af71b4.jpg

Ethan also figured out how to manipulate the sprinkler "arms" to spray the water wherever he wanted.

 photo IMG_2867_zps331c373c.jpg

Ethan always wants to make a water slide when we have the sprinkler on. He sets it up to spray on the slide as he goes down...and it's one of his favorite things to do in our back yard.

 photo IMG_2834_zpse56d73cc.jpg

Logan came around to trying it too, although he made daddy hold back the water most of the time.

 photo IMG_3032_zpsadd8fca8.jpg

Until he figured out that getting sprayed can be fun...he's all smiles coming off  the slide. It almost looks like he will land on both feet.

 photo IMG_3033_zpsa073bf11.jpg

Wait, not so fast...forward momentum is pretty strong this time. But, he's still smiling.

 photo IMG_3034_zps74e9dbf0.jpg

Until he does a belly flop onto the lawn. Ouch.

 photo IMG_3035_zpsecf7848b.jpg

He benched himself after his fall. Such a cute pouter. (He did decide to slide a few more times, though).

 photo IMG_3036_zps0c2af506.jpg

And he's back with one of the pool toys. He's "watering the plants", as he says.

 photo IMG_2977_zps4e6835f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2894_zpsddbe6b32.jpg

Ethan just never stops moving. He does not waste a minute of play time outside.

 photo IMG_2881-1_zps130b3242.jpg

Then, daddy thought up a fun game...he held down the sprinkler arms all at once and told the boys to come sit by the sprinkler. Then, he let go really quickly and took off...leaving them to get sprayed.

 photo IMG_3097_zps36af5e80.jpg

They kind of loved it. And thought it was hilarious.

 photo IMG_3117_zps2a23fb02.jpg

 photo IMG_3105_zpscf93bfd3.jpg

 photo IMG_3148_zpsf3d16b18.jpg

 photo IMG_3141_zpsdb4c4115.jpg

 photo IMG_3153_zpsa3779ea3.jpg

Yes, they had fun. Apparently, running around like wild animals for almost two hours will make you tired. But, as every mom knows...that's a good thing!

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Christina said...

Love the photos and your storytelling! Such a fun time.

Lindsay said...

That just has cuteness all over it! I love that finger pointing picture. Ha! Love it! Can't wait until all the boys are doing it together.

Anonymous said...

summer, water fun in the back yard, making memories and did I say fun! Really cute pictures!