Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello, Summer

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I am so excited for summer. Next school year Ethan will be in Kindergarten, which translates to more time at school than home and I will miss him. I know that Logan will miss his brother and playmate/friend too. So, we are living it up this summer and enjoying every minute of being together.

Last year, I made a schedule of things we'd do each day of the week during the summer months, but then we never actually followed the schedule. I kind of winged it (which is so not like me), and surprisingly, this did not trouble me at all.  We had fun and we relaxed. We did things and we didn't do things.

So this year, all I did was make a list of activities I thought would be fun for us to do together this summer. Truth be told, I have been thinking about this summer list since March. No joke. I am a warm weather person. This list is not a to-do list of things I will check off, but more of an idea list that I can refer to when I feel like doing an "activity." I am not much of an "activity" mom, but some of these are so easy and the summer really gives us time to have fun with a few of them. (I might do one or two a week.) Summer, let's do this!

Water Activities:
Swimming (obviously)
Slip n' Slide (thanks to Nonnie and Papaw for the awesome one they got for Ethan for his birthday)
Car Wash (see previous post)
Paint fence with water

Outside (non-water) Activities:
Scavenger Hunt
Photo Safari
Bike Rides
Playing with shaving cream (like last year, but a little different)
Sink or Float experiment

Art (which are usually also outside activities at our house):
Finger Paint
Paint Rocks
Nature Collage
Q-tip painting

Field Trips:
Dallas Zoo
Children's Museum(s)
Hawaiian Falls
Splash Parks
Movies (in a theater)

Edibles (baking/cooking):
Homemade popsicles
Homemade ice cream

Dino footprint cookies
Homemade Lemonade

Other Scheduled Activities (already on our calendar):
Swim lessons
Summer playdates with church group
Summer school (at preschool)
Lake House visits
Sea World Trip

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Unknown said...

Great list of activities! It's tough sending your first (or last, or middle one...haha) to kindergarten. Lucas is graduating from kindergarten this Friday! Hope the transition goes well for all of you.