Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ethan's Friends

There's something I really want to remember about Ethan at this stage of his life...his love for stuffed animals. It runs deep. It began a couple of years ago and is still going strong. Just look at the collection he has amassed so far...

 photo IMG_7136_zps3e2ec035.jpg

So one afternoon, while Logan was sleeping, Ethan and I took a few photos with him and his "friends" (that's what he calls them). He does not discriminate...he loves all stuffed animals. You can see in his collection that there are a lot of characters from shows and movies. But also, there are just regular animals too.

 photo IMG_7141_zpsb009fcba.jpg

For a few years now, Ethan will choose a few stuffed friends to sleep with or to take in the car while we're out. He plays with them too...all sorts of pretend stuff and games.

 photo IMG_7151_zpsde26eb93.jpg

These are definitely not the only toys that he plays with right now, but they might be his favorite things out of all his toys.

 photo IMG_7173_zps7090152c.jpg

Sometimes I feel like they are taking over the house, but just try and get him to narrow down his collection. He might be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to his stuffed friends. Other toys, he will part with. But not these.

 photo IMG_7155_zps6dea8973.jpg

 photo IMG_7169_zps277c11df.jpg

 photo IMG_7182_zps4c21064d.jpg

If the message is not conveyed in the photos above, the sign that's been on his bedroom door for months will show his true preference in company. I really love this kid. And I sort of love his stuffed animals too.

 photo IMG_7190_zps08755eab.jpg


Anonymous said...

Ok, this really make my heart smile! Ethan has names for most of the animals; Mimi has enjoyed our adventure of collecting some of these friends!! (the phone calls and the "get on the computer" and see if you can find....) Really sweet! These are wonderful pictures!

Christina said...

Oh man - how cute! I love the one of Ethan laughing on top of the stuffed animal pile. Precious!

Emily Cade said...

Haha!!! This is so funny!