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ACU Homecoming 2013: My 10 Year Reunion

This year was my 10 year reunion at my alma mater. How can it have been 10 years already? That's nuts. We have been meaning to go to ACU homecoming for several years now and keep getting thwarted in some way or another. This year we actually managed to make it happen.

 photo IMG_4800_zpsd4482352.jpg

We arrived at about 6pm on Friday night right when it started to pour down freezing rain. They had to move the Friday evening carnival indoors to some of the gyms. The boys, of course, did not want to miss out on the bounce houses. And there were many of them. Here they are in line for the obstacle course...

 photo IMG_4491_zps58fd45b2.jpg

Logan started first...

 photo IMG_4492_zpsa36d344f.jpg

And Ethan told the student attendant that he needed to go in right after Logan because they're brothers. Sweet.

 photo IMG_4502_zps65262675.jpg

Right at the end, the kids had to squeeze through those horizontal tubes to get out. Ethan managed with no problem.

 photo IMG_4506_zps8dcaec6d.jpg

Logan, on the other hand, got stuck right after I snapped this photo and devolved immediately into a crying mess. I had to send Ethan back in to lift him out. Poor thing. (The second time he did it, he knew what to do and was fine.)

 photo IMG_4509_zpsb81c3e73.jpg

While we waited in line for some of the bounce houses, the boys had a little fun dancing and playing around.

 photo IMG_4519_zps079ef55c.jpg

Logan is working on some serious moves here...

 photo IMG_4526_zps232ec87a.jpg

 photo IMG_4532_zps71fa7dcb.jpg

 photo IMG_4537_zps6f4f0e1e.jpg

 photo IMG_4543_zps1f992ca8.jpg

After they were done with the bounce houses, they went around to some of the carnival games. Going fishing was a favorite. Ethan kept wanting to do it again and again. Easiest way to win a prize, for sure.

 photo IMG_4544_zps5ded700b.jpg

 photo IMG_4553_zps01c41593.jpg

Yes, two noisy "lip whistles" are a parents favorite toy. Sigh.

 photo IMG_4555_zps00f3e5b7.jpg

Then the boys had their faces painted. Ethan chose a pumpkin.

 photo IMG_4570_zps78d19104.jpg

And Logan chose to look like the face of a pumpkin. Both loved it.

 photo IMG_4577_zps8227bab7.jpg

There was a concert going on in Moody Coliseum at the time and they were handing out those glow necklaces. The boys thought they were in heaven with all these trinkets and games.

 photo IMG_4582_zps12bc7d05.jpg

We took off after a little while to get dinner. We chose one of our favorite places from when we were in college...Los Arcos. It has changed very little in a decade. Casey even recognized a few waitresses. Their fajitas are still just as good too.

 photo IMG_4588_zps46a2ea07.jpg

 photo IMG_4591_zps2c8a95b8.jpg

That night in the hotel, the boys got to share a bed for the first time ever. And in fact, this was the first time for our family of four to sleep in the same room. Rest assured that we did not have high expectations for sleep that night. The boys loved sleeping together and made it all the way to 4:30am before starting to wake up. After going to sleep around 10pm. Yeah.

 photo IMG_4603_zps67bd6bce.jpg

But since we were up early, we got to the parade route in time enough to stake out a spot in front of the admin building. And by the way, it was super cold that morning. A cold front had blown in with the rain the day before. It was a chilly 40 degrees or so.

 photo IMG_4608_zps7585db0a.jpg

The parade was a hit. The boys loved the band, the floats, and the fact that they had candy thrown at them. What's not to love?

 photo IMG_4612_zpsb287e100.jpg

Ethan brought his clapper (one of his prizes from the carnival), which he used with enthusiasm.

 photo IMG_4623_zps8c219dc8.jpg

They may not look thrilled here (of course), but they really loved the parade.

 photo IMG_4627_zps3e79275c.jpg

That morning I got to meet up with two very special girls (women) that I haven't seen in a long time. Kristen - it's been a decade since I've seen her. And my college roommate, Holly, who I hadn't seen in 5 years. Loved, loved, loved seeing them and catching up and meeting their kids in person. We were missing all of our other friends who couldn't make it too.

 photo IMG_4629_zpsa40087e8.jpg

We made plans to meet back up for lunch and then split up to do our own thing for a while. Kristen snapped this photo of our family before we all took off in different directions. Although I would have liked to check in on homecoming chapel, we decided that with two tired boys, our best bet was to wander around campus.

 photo IMG_4635_zps4bebd659.jpg

So that's what we did...and it was awesome. There was something so fun about showing our boys where we lived and studied for four years. And it's an especially special place for us because it's where we met and dated for four years. There are so many memories we have on that campus.

 photo IMG_4638_zpsf617c042.jpg

It may have been cold, but it was still a gorgeous, sunny day.

 photo IMG_4639_zpsdad744e1.jpg

I was expecting two cranky boys, but they actually had the best time running around and asking all sorts of questions about college.

 photo IMG_4653_zps3d26ccb3.jpg

We had to revisit the exact place that Casey and I met 14 years ago. Back then, it was called the Bean Sprout, and that wall up ahead wasn't was a service counter for the basement restaurant in the campus center. The booths are still there.

 photo IMG_4662_zpsde142b5c.jpg

We also made our way over to the bible building.

 photo IMG_4665_zpsc6f1fa2c.jpg

And stopped by the big globe, of course. Not pictured - we showed the boys the Ian A. Fair conference room, although the door was locked. That's their great-grandfather, who was the Dean of the College of Biblical Studies some years ago.

 photo IMG_4677_zpsa8595060.jpg

We popped into the chapel too, which was mesmerizing to the boys.

 photo IMG_4685_zps582d06c8.jpg

Ethan kept pointing out all the purple to me since it is my favorite color.

 photo IMG_4693_zps576eb3c5.jpg

This is a hallway I know well...I used to work in the Graduate School of Theology.

 photo IMG_4699_zps8fd4ad5d.jpg

We exited on the top floor and made our way down the amphitheater...the location of of many devos during our college years.

 photo IMG_4708_zps0f03c2f6.jpg

 photo IMG_4710_zps6f3e779b.jpg

And then, we went over to Jacob's Ladder, a sculpture that was built after our college years. This was our first time to see it in person.

 photo IMG_4722_zpsaaba4d6c.jpg

I wish I could remember what Logan said or did that was so funny while I was taking this photo.

 photo IMG_4729_zps3f8237d1.jpg

 photo IMG_4731_zps04b67628.jpg

It's really a beautiful sculpture...

 photo IMG_4735_zps69c48811.jpg

The boys (all three of them) are being silly in front of the education building. Posing with statues.

 photo IMG_4752_zpse0b3fab1.jpg

 photo IMG_4755_zps21be8568.jpg

 photo IMG_4765_zps1d456e11.jpg

Ethan totally got a kick out of the purple bike racks. He was loving all of the purple stuff and wanted me to take his photo next to every one.

 photo IMG_4772_zps10ef710e.jpg

I thought it was cool too...even the purple curbs. (I did not take this shot to show off my shoes, that's for sure.) I must have chosen ACU because of the school colors!

 photo IMG_4777_zpsfe8f27c7.jpg

I have fond memories of the admin building steps. My pass the crown ceremony was here when Casey and I got engaged. And I remember some beautiful weather days when we had our English classes outside here. (I was an English major).

 photo IMG_4779_zps44d3a789.jpg

And look at this! Ethan took this photo of me and Casey! He did such a great job considering he had a tough time just holding the camera up (it's big and heavy).

 photo IMG_4786_zpsaa1dc20c.jpg

After all that walking around, we worked up an appetite. Good thing we were meeting back up with Kristen, Holly, and their families for lunch at Betty Rose's...a very close and very yummy BBQ establishment in Abilene. And a place we went to often when we were students.

 photo IMG_4788_zpsf7aa7c88.jpg

The picnic table seating seemed perfect for our gaggle of children until they ALL started falling through the gap between the table and bench. Such a fun lunch, though. It was kind of surreal sitting there together again just like we had 10-14 years earlier. All of our husbands are alumni too. It's really fun to hang out with people who knew both of us before we were married.

 photo IMG_4791_zpscb3b63ea.jpg

Right after lunch, we loaded up our car and took off toward a small town just north of Abilene to meet my mom, who took the boys with her. They went to the lake house while Casey and I headed back to Abilene for my reunion dinner that night. When we rolled back into town, we went downtown and stopped at McKay's bakery for an afternoon treat. Yum.

 photo IMG_4796_zpsa36fae3e.jpg

Then, we went back to campus and checked out all the things we didn't get to that morning. There are so many improvements and new buildings on campus that we hadn't seen. We went into the Hunter Welcome Center and took a look at the new (to us) Faubus Fountain Lake. We also made a stop in the renovated library...they certainly never had this in the library when we were studying there...

 photo IMG_4820_zpsfeebc50a.jpg

Starbucks coffee (hot chocolate) and a place to charge my phone. Perfect. That evening we went to my reunion dinner and saw lots of people from my 2003 graduating class. It was a fun night...and I didn't take my camera, so there are no photos of that. After the dinner, we said goodbye to Abilene, the ACU campus, and drove to the lake house where we spent the night.

 photo IMG_4821_zpsb69acbfd.jpg

I don't know what my expectations of the weekend were, really. But they were far surpassed. We had a great time. Despite their lack of sleep, the boys did great and had a blast. And Casey and I did too. It was so fun to revisit our college days together. I don't think we're going to wait another 10 years to go back next time.


Anonymous said...

I have been anticipating this post! Just crazy! Could you email me the pic of the 3 of us? Such fun!

Emily Cade said...

Wow!!! Look so fun! Thanks for posting, Rachel!

Lindsay said...

Wow! Made me want to go there. OSU has amazing homecomings as well. #1 in the nation I hear. Just too hard to get there with a Coach's schedule.
Beautiful pics. Loved getting a glimpse of your past. Before you even said it, I was thinking you picked ACU b/c it is purple. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh and Ethan's photography - AMAZING!