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Disneyland 2014: Meeting Characters

My previous two posts on our Disneyland trip have been fairly brief. Not so with this one. Meeting the characters at Disneyland was one of my most favorite parts of our trip...made up of many favorite moments with each character. 

Our boys loved meeting characters. I had bought each of them a personalized autograph book from Never Ever Grow Up on Etsy so they could collect autographs. I suspected this would be fun for them, but I did not expect their level of enthusiasm for it. Disney does such a good job with these experiences...the characters go above and beyond to make the few minutes spent with your kids truly magical.

Here are all the characters we met, in chronological order.

Our boys spotted Pluto within one minute of stepping onto the Main Street area of Disneyland on our first day at the parks.

 photo IMG_5733_zpsbccc9f7d.jpg

He was their very first character to meet and they talked about Pluto fondly for the rest of the trip.

 photo IMG_5741_zps9849c16c.jpg

Next up were Chip and Dale. These guys were so funny. They (silently...the costumed characters don't speak) communicated with our boys and made them giggle with their antics.

 photo IMG_5742_zpsac8baad2.jpg

And this photo with the mischievous chipmunks is one of my favorite character photos.

 photo IMG_5746_zpse67b0509.jpg

Donald was just a few feet away from Chip and Dale. We had already met three characters within 15 minutes of being in the park. It was awesome. And the boys were thrilled to meet Donald. (They really wanted to meet Daisy too, but we never did see her anywhere.)

 photo IMG_5755_zps5c54756a.jpg

The last of our Main Street meet-and-greets was Minnie. She was about to take off for a "break" so we didn't have time to get a photo in good lighting...thus, this is my least favorite character photo. Oh, well. The boys don't care about that...they got to meet Minnie!

 photo IMG_5764_zps90a5891e.jpg

We accidentally stumbled upon the entrance to Pixie Hollow later that day and got to meet two of the fairies. I should note here that the boys are obsessed with the Tinker Bell movies right now...and especially the most recent release of The Pirate Fairy. Here's a little tidbit just to illustrate how awesome these characters are. Fawn (the fairy below in orange) is an animal fairy, but in The Pirate Fairy, she becomes a light fairy through the magic of pixie dust alchemy. Well, Logan mentioned that she was a light fairy and she didn't miss a beat. She started talking to them about Zarina (the Pirate Fairy in the so-called movie) and how she switched all their talents. It completely blew the boys away for her to just be chatting with them like that. It was awesome.

 photo IMG_5814_zpsb9285075.jpg

Then, they got to meet Tinker Bell herself. Look at how cute her meeting area is. It's supposed to be right in front of her house. Another area in which Disney excels...we felt like we really were in Pixie Hollow. The same was true for other character meeting areas too, as you'll see.

 photo IMG_5823_zps84a9b59c.jpg

Tinkerbell immediately engaged the boys in conversation and asked them about Captain Hook and what would scare him (Tick Tock Crock, of course). They adored talking to her and she was an expert with them. I am so impressed how they never break character...even when talking to the adults!

 photo IMG_5828_zps05135855.jpg

After a typical character pose, Tinker Bell mixed it up a little and asked the boys to make a scary growl. They did...and she did too, which they thought was so cool! One of my favorite moments.

 photo IMG_5831_zps2b4a1c0b.jpg

The next day was spent in Disney's California Adventure park. And of course, we spent a considerable amount of time in the amazing Cars Land (a whole post about that coming soon). We noticed people lining up to meet Lighting McQueen in front of the Cozy Cone Motel and jumped at that chance. He actually talked to the boys, which was really fun. They were just in awe of meeting him.

 photo Photo0033FourBySix_zps1cf1bacc.jpg

Down the street a little was Red. Little did we know that this was a rare appearance. We never saw Red again so it's great that we got to see him and take photos with him that first morning. All of the vehicles were to scale, which Ethan noticed.

 photo Photo0047FourBySix_zpscd033598.jpg

This little tractor was really more of a statue than a character. But the boys wanted to go "meet" it anyway. It's in a little alcove right next to Mater's Junk Yard and tractor ride.

 photo IMG_5960_zps906cde8c.jpg

And then, we got to meet Mater himself. Right in front of the Cozy Cone again. He was funny (he talked like Lighting) and made the boys laugh. Meeting Mater and Lighting was definitely a highlight. Both boys are such huge Cars fans.

 photo IMG_6052_zps130dab38.jpg

Later that day, right outside of the Disney Jr. LIVE show, we got to meet Doc McStuffins. Here's another fun tidbit about meeting characters...their autographs often have a piece of their unique character in them. For instance, Doc McStuffins signed her name with a bandaid drawn beside it. The boys were so excited about it and immediately showed us.

 photo IMG_6157_zpsdfbaa57b.jpg

And back in Bugs Land, we were the very last ones allowed to line up to meet Flick.

 photo IMG_6183_zpsa49e48c0.jpg

Again, he didn't talk, but he totally enthralled the boys...especially with his fist bump and exploding hands right before we left. You should have seen the boys smiles after that. They'd been doing that a lot on our trip and it totally surprised them for Flick to do it with them.

 photo IMG_6186_zps5d449c24.jpg

The next day we were back in Disneyland and more specifically, Toon Town. Right in front of Goofy's house, we met Goofy. As you can see, Ethan was wearing his brand-new Goofy hat (I love their Goofy and Micky hats that we got at The Mad Hatter hat shop!). The characters totally notice if you are wearing some of their merchandise and Goofy took the opportunity to be, well...goofy and wear Ethan's hat on his nose!

 photo IMG_6501_zpsff1e215b.jpg

The boys loved it and things like this are what make these brief character encounters so special and memorable. Ethan even got in a solo hug at the end of our visit with Goofy.

 photo IMG_6505_zps585445fa.jpg

After Goofy, we stood in our longest character line to meet Mickey. Most of the characters took 10 minutes or much less to meet. We waited about 30 minutes (maybe a little more) to meet Mickey. But, of course, you can't go to Disneyland without meeting Mickey!

 photo Photo0109FourBySix_zps929dbf45.jpg

Later that day, on the opposite side of the park in Critter Country, we got to meet some Winnie the Pooh characters. First, it was Tigger. He was hilarious too, just like Goofy. But this time, he picked on Logan, covering his face in the first photo. The boys ended up pretty even in the special treatment department.

 photo IMG_6545_zpsd87eb363.jpg

 photo IMG_6549_zpsbd5098f3.jpg

Next we met Eyore. His was a pretty brief visit, but still fun...complete with autograph.

 photo IMG_6561_zps5ac1e549.jpg

Winne the Pooh was one of my favorites. Look how the boys ran into his open arms. Love it.

 photo IMG_6575_zps50657802.jpg

 photo IMG_6584_zps1212da7b.jpg

And have a look at Pooh's meeting spot...or his thoughtful spot, more accurately. The banner behind him says, "friends are sweet as hunny." Cute.

 photo IMG_6586_zps182b3a98.jpg

We alternated parks because the early magic hours alternate, so the next day, we were back at California Adventure. And we finally got to meet three of our favorite characters of all time. Toy Story! First up was Jesse. She was so true to character with her mannerisms. Even though she didn't talk, she was definitely Jesse.

 photo IMG_6781_zpsa220e418.jpg

 photo IMG_6789_zps030dbb7e.jpg

Buzz was next. And boy was Logan excited about meeting Buzz. Ethan was too, but Buzz is Logan's favorite Toy Story character. How appropriate that they were wearing their Buzz shirts on this day. Buzz noticed too (they are very observant, like I said). Buzz couldn't do autographs because it was "against intergalactic regulations" (meaning that his costume wasn't autograph-friendly).

 photo IMG_6811_zps4c5ad02d.jpg

Finally, we stuck around and got to meet Woody, Ethan's favorite Toy Story character. He was awesome too. And by the way, don't say "Andy's coming" when you meet these guys - they apparently kind of hate that rumor. They can't fall down every time someone says it, so they don't do it at all anymore (if they even ever did). The cast members that escort the characters will just tell you that Andy can't be coming...he's away at college. (We didn't say "Andy's coming" but heard several others do so in passing.)

I love Logan's bewildered expression in the second photo...he wasn't quite ready with his "guns up" stance that Woody wanted to do.

 photo IMG_6815_zps66309a4c.jpg

Over in front of the Monsters University facade (so cool, by the way), we got to meet Sully. We actually waited a little while for him before he even showed up. We were first in line because the boys are in love with the Monsters movies right now.

 photo IMG_6857_zpse073b46a.jpg

Sully couldn't give autographs either, but he gave great high fives and the boys just loved meeting him. They couldn't get over how big he was!

 photo IMG_6864a_zps7d0b7274.jpg

On the last morning of our trip, just before we flew home, we ate breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, a character meal experience. Goofy's Kitchen was located right in our hotel, making it really convenient.

 photo IMG_7267_zps76826193.jpg

The buffet was extensive, to say the least. But the real star of the show is meeting the characters, of course. Alice was the first to stop by our table. She chatted with the boys for such a long time. Keeping in character the whole time. It was incredible. She really spent a while talking to them before signing their books.

 photo IMG_7225_zpseef303da.jpg

 photo IMG_7230_zps5bee40da.jpg

Baloo stopped by too. Unfortunately, the boys have no real idea who he is since they have not seen The Jungle Book movie yet. But, they were still excited about the big blue bear.

 photo IMG_7236_zps45232cad.jpg

Chip and Dale, all decked out in their chef's attire, also came by. The boys remembered meeting them on the first day and it was kind of fun to see them on our last day too...in "costume." The boys asked if they were the ones preparing our food!

 photo IMG_7265_zps7f38e1f4.jpg

The last character we met on our trip was the Mad Hatter. And goodness, was he a doozy of a character encounter on which to end our trip. He was absolutely hilarious. He had me and Casey laughing out loud too. This guy was good. He even had the right voice. 
And Ethan was totally thrilled to sign his autograph book. That's right, the Mad Hatter said he would sign their books if Ethan would sign his (Logan can't really sign his name with any consistency right now...and didn't seem bothered not to at all).

 photo IMG_7247_zps4fbcb31a.jpg

Then, when it was picture time. The Mad Hatter told the boys it was really important to stay still for photos, all the while he was jostling them around, making them giggle uncontrollably. So cute. The boys loved it. This is the magic of Disney at work, and why the characters were one of my very favorite parts of our trip.

 photo IMG_7256_zpsd1bc51a8.jpg

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